What do you do in your daily life to consciously live in harmony with nature?
I love spending time outside, grounding myself and reminding myself of the true meaning of this life, away from the havoc, drama, and worldly things. 

What prompted you to drive change?
After educating myself on the effect we humans have on this planet, the damage we’ve done already has persuaded me enough to choose to live a more sustainable earth friendly life. 

What does it mean for you to be a Merch.bio Conscious Creator and to be able to create your ethical brand?
I love being a Conscious Creator for Merch.bio because they put the planet first, as priority above anything else. The materials are ethically sourced and the process of making each article of clothing is genuine and detailed. I love Merch.bio – so grateful for them. 

Since you decided to create your ethical collections with Merch.bio, why do you think it’s important for brands and companies to become more sustainable?
I think it’s important to prioritize the sustainability of the clothing because it sets a good representation and example for others and reminds them that sustainable can still be cute and affordable while also helping our planet, our home, at the same time! 

What are some small changes people can make in their everyday lives to save the environment (specifically in your field)? 
– Use reusable! reusable straws, glassware, cups, etc! 
– Thrift! Buy second hand! 
– Avoid littering! Use the trash! There’s almost always one near by that we miss!

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